“What is the most supportive shoe for my daughter?”

Posted Jan 13th, 2016 by Bilby Shoes
“What is the most supportive shoe for my daughter?”
The answer is a lace up, but the next best thing is a T-Bar.
There are some mums that feel a One-bar is more supportive than a T-Bar, totally not true. However some popular T-Bar’s are a veldtschoen construction, these offer little support and if your child has an orthoses or needs solid support, the veldtschoen construction should be avoided. The most supportive shoe is the one that is fitted correctly and cradles the foot, make sure you see a professional for your child’s fitting, they will be in them all year long.
We have a Pedorhtist in store all day.
David Sutton

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  1. michele says:

    I am currently looking for lace up school shoes with a thin sole in a ladies size 6..I hope you are able to help me

  2. Frank says:

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  3. Scott says:

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